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二十一世纪是信息化、网络化、数字化、智能化蓬勃发展的新世纪。世界范围的新技术革命和知识经济的浪潮,推动发展中国家和发达国家在电子信息技术的创新和应用领域重新站在同一起跑线上,共同面对新的发展机遇和挑战。在当今这个信息化的社会中,谁能更有效地利用自身资源,掌握更全面、更准确的信息,更快地作出科学的决策,谁就能顺应社会的潮流,在激烈的竞争中站稳脚跟,并同时给企业带来更高的回报。地理信息系统(geographic information system,gis)是一种为了获取、存储、检索、分析和显示空间定位数据而建立的计算机化的数据库管理系统。地理信息系统的处理对象是空间实体,其处理过程正是依据空间实体的空间位置与空间关系进行的。

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  21 centuries are a new century that informations turn, the network turns, the arith metic figure turns, the intelligence turns the booming developing.The new technique revolution of the scope of world with the wave tide of the knowledge-based economy, push the developing country with prosper the nation is technical and creative in the el -ectronics information with apply the realm to stand afresh at same rises to run online, face the new development opportunity together with challenge.In now this informatio
-n turn of society, who can make use of the oneself resources more availably, control more completely, more accurate information, make a decision of science sooner, who can adjust the social current, stand firm the heel in vigorous competition,  and brings the business enterprise to repays higherly at the same time.Geography information sy -stem( geographic information system, gis) .The geography information system hand -les object is space position that space entity, its handle the process relate to with spa -ce the proceeding according to the space entity exactly.
The geography information system has very high blend ability, it blends with othe -r information technique, expanding the technical application in the information of the whole. The information turns, the network turns, the arithmetic figure turns, the wave tide that intelligence turn is dashing and crashing, the arithmetic figure city is exactly the tide a stride over type for,  if our country can holding tight history giving develop -ment opportunity of this wave tide, Chinese city planning, developments with mana - ge the level may wash into the ex- row of the advanced countries of world the pole, an -d arouse the development of the related industry.